Evolution, Culture and Us

In the midst of the Howard Rheingold course on Social Media and Cooperation Theory, I keep coming back to a very non-deterministic orientation to the idea of cultural evolution whereby the word culture is not limited to a strict constructionist definition of the aggregation of human tacit knowledge and learning from symbology and group activities; but rather, has something to do with a parallel spiritual development/consciousness as well, that is meta-knowledge. I find myself equally as suspicious of the evolution of biology, as manifest in genetic progression as purely about amino acids in sequence. It just seems that once language, communication, and symbology arrived on the scene, the preeminent driver of survival as instinct was just no longer defined by the biggest, strongest and most effective as procreating. Somewhere in the mix, don’t smarts start to figure in. Just seems to me. . .

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Hello world!

It seems the time has come to plant my flag and lay claim to my virtual 40 acres and a mule. Here I will record and ruminate, collect and catalog those moments of inspiration and insight that seem worthy of note.  Welcome to my world.

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